Talented Professionals: Duros a cuatro pesetas

Readers who know this expression lived in the era of the peseta before the arrival of the Euro, nearly 20 years ago now. By the same rule of time, it is quite likely that those born in the 1990s have never held a peseta or a duro (5 peseta coin). This is the big difference […]

Turn of the key: how do I adapt to change?

Education, individual continuous improvement and leaving the comfort zone to address the adaptation to the change of a technological world. Article originally published in the Diari de Terrassa. Given how the world is evolving, allow me to share one of my biggest current concerns: to understand the relationship between the exponential technology that makes us […]

Laziness? No thanks!

Laziness, meaning, detection and management. What you need to know to identify it and how we can combat it. Article originally published in the Diari de Terrassa. In the dictionary the word laziness is defined as ‘the quality of being unwilling to work or use energy’. Most humans are guilty of it at some point […]