Supply Chain Transformation

We help you improve your ability to respond in a complex, dynamic and demanding area such as the Supply Chain, which is rapidly evolving.

We have a long-standing experience in Global Supply Chain Management in many different business sectors. Our specialization represents an added value for our clients.

Management | Project Execution

  •  We help you plan the execution of transformation projects, with real goals, deployment times and resources needed: we make change happen.
  • We improve the efficiency of supply chains with practical and agile solutions.
  • We simplify processes and material/information flows, from suppliers to end clients.

Partner Selection | Technological Solutions

  •  We like to accompany our clients in their growth, understand their business culture and learn from their processes in order to provide them with the solutions which fits best with their needs.
  • We help you ensure and accelerate your digital transformation, avoiding potential future risks. We study the latest technological trends and we offer innovative improvements for your implementation and planning processes.

Design, Creation, and Improvement Areas | Tasks

  • We inquire and explore with questions that no one else is asking, in order to design, create and improve areas and business functions, stepping out of the comfort zone.
  • We are always looking for ways to do things differently; everything can be improved.
  • Developing and empowering your human and technical capacities.

Talent Development

Recruiting and keeping talented professionals is fundamental to businesses growth and development. We offer different training plans to achieve the objectives set, in all areas of the Supply Chain, which are increasingly dynamic, demanding, and technological.

Talent search | Recruitment

  • If you are interested in finding the most talented professionals for your company or want to develop your professional career, we specialize in Industry, Transport and Logistics, in any of the following areas: Procurement, Purchasing, Production, Quality, Logistics, Transport, Customer Service, Controlling and Planning. In countries including Spain, Andorra, Holland, USA, and China
  • Positions our customers have requested recently:
    • Operations Director-Supply Chain
    • Supply Chain Manager
    • Business Director for Transportation
    • Head of Planning
    • Supply & Demand Planner
    • Supply Planner
    • Demand Planner
    • Procurement Responsible
    • Transport Manager
    • Logistics Manager
    • Warehouse Supervisor
    • Supply Chain Consultant
    • Customer Service Manager
    • Customer Service Specialist
    • Sales Controller
    • Supply Chain Expert Demand Planning
    • Direct Purchasing Specialist
    • Supply Chain Change Management

In-Company Training

  • One of the larger and key investments for a company is In-Company training of which we work on actual experiences. Improving results through people and team development, providing new and essential skills for people and gaining more commitment, involvement, confidence, motivation and talent development.

Workshops | Transformation

  • We will work together to improve the way people operate in different areas of the organization in order to gain competitive advantages.
  • During the workshop, participants will build a roadmap together, exchange innovative supply chain concepts and trends, focusing on agility and improving internal processes and external partners relations.
  • Once identified, those that create the greatest impact on the organisation and have a practical implementation.


  • Our philosophy of continuous improvement implies small short-term actions that help achieve ambitious goals and lay solid foundations for the future growth of our company.
  • We eliminate operations that do not generate value to the service/product consumers.

Management Coaching | Teams

  • Our aim is to maximise the personal and professional potential of managers and their teams, through our thoughtful and creative coaching process which inspires them to give their very best.