Triple Axis for business improvement

To promote change is critical to approach all 3 axis in parallel. Changing is always difficult for professionals & companies, and that’s the main reason for which majority of them don’t ever promote a change and keep on the safer “comfort zone” … causing future bigger problems that they already have. Ones that are brave […]

Failing to prepare…

25/01/2015 My insights for this new year, comparing companies that prepared 2015 accordingly versus ones that are still “analyzing” 2014. (Published in Linkedin Pulse also) Year 2015 started three weeks ago and some companies are still looking at their “business mirrors” trying to analyze what went wrong in 2014 and why they’ve current situation. January […]

Being there: Share & Receive

09/01/2015 Sometimes you cannot physically be where you want, but you’re sure that your ideas will be present: How to plant & harvest on a continuous basis For medical reasons, luckily nothing serious, these days I’m staying at home while I was supposed to be at Chicago attending CSCMP Roundtable Executive Meeting. Nothing is worse […]

10 Top Reasons for being OPTIMISTIC

Optimists live longer !! “Positive things happens to positive people” (Sarah Beeny) “ In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity” (Albert Einstein) Optimist is the one quality more associated with success & happiness than any other “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” (Eleanor Roosevelt) “Anything is possible if […]

Move your procurement department into the strategic level: A practical procurement methodology

Too many times I see procurement departments struggling with balancing their daily activities with strategic objectives. Everyone is looking for the next level to meet BOM or Management’s strategic expectations, but fail to reach this level due to the day-to-day (read operational and tactical) requirements. You can hire a very expensive consultancy company, but they […]

Knowing yourself & opening to others

Shared in paralel via Linkedin Posts on April, 19th 2015) In today’s “hyper-connected” world is very easy to read updated global news, find free knowledge, get back in touch with old contacts & start+manage business virtually. It’s clear that via Google & Social Media (Facebook, Linkedin & Twitter specially) each of us can find information […]

The “King”: Economic Results

Reflection on key importance of achieving positive economic business results (Published via Linkedin Posts also) Miquel Serracanta, Terrassa (BCN). May,29th 2015. Since business models started many centuries ago, it’s evaluation is based on a simple “thumb rule”: Their survival options are based on the annual economic net results each company is able to generate. Considering […]