Triple Axis for business improvement

To promote change is critical to approach all 3 axis in parallel.

Changing is always difficult for professionals & companies, and that’s the main reason for which majority of them don’t ever promote a change and keep on the safer “comfort zone” … causing future bigger problems that they already have.

Ones that are brave enough to, start designing changes without knowing if they’ll be positive or not, but with the absolute belief that those changes are necessary for them and/or for the companies they manage. This is usually called “sense of urgency” and is the main difference between ones who understand how critical is to move from current “as is” status to a “to be” one and the rest that are simply waiting for better times while at their comfort zone.

Improve business performance, measured in economics, is one of the key outputs expected after changes are designed & implemented by management.

After several years leading management teams & working with customers on improving their performance, I’m know absolutely convinced that there are three axis that you need to improve in parallel to ensure changes will be good.

The three axis are:

  1. Organization: Including management, teams, reporting lines, communication, coordination, roles & responsibilities.
  2. Processes: For obvious reasons, understanding current situation of real business processes & improving them is key for ensuring changes happen in a positive way. Not only operational key processes, but also supporting ones.
  3. Tools (all kind of, not only IT or technical ones): This include also methodologies to help professionals during their daily working hours.

In summary, an integral approach of all three axis make companies more able to embrace change from current situation to a better improved one

Miquel Serracanta

BCN, Feb 1st, 2015