Networking is ALWAYS key: We must Prio and assign time to it !

WHY DO I recommend to excel on networking ? Some clues to do it.

Many professionals & executives have an almost fully booked agenda on a daily basis and cannot easily find slots for new meetings … so, how can they ever thought in developing networking activities?

Majority of us know very well the key importance of NETWORKING for our professional development … but simply cannot do any activity related to it, because fully occupied in developing daily activities.

When do professionals understand the real NEED of networking ? Usually when they need something from “outside” because they´re in critical situation (ie: recently lost their job, looking for a new better professional activity, lack of customers, … etc)

But, as you can imagine this is not how things work with your contacts & network, you need to work on the network (net+working) regularly if you want to ask for something to your contacts in the future. Imagine what would one of your “old contacts” answer if, after 10 years of silence, you call/email him/her with the interest of seeing him/her because you´ve just lost your job. What would he/she think of you? Would your “contact” really help you in that situation, considering you´ve never said anything to him/her in those 10 years ? Probably not…

There is a book named “Never eat alone” (photo attached) which I read more than 5 years ago, that simply changed the way I understand networking and that has many clues for “dummies” in this key topic. Biggest one is devoting an specific part of your week to do some networking activities (ie: events, meals, phone calls, email contacts, etc)

Thanks to Mr.Ferrazzi for writting and sharing it. I´ve tried it and have to admit that is difficult but it simply works!

I recommend all Linkedin professionals & specially my direct contacts to read it, implement some of their suggestions and share their thoughts with all of us.

Good networking to all … and remember “never eat alone” !!