Move your procurement department into the strategic level: A practical procurement methodology

Too many times I see procurement departments struggling with balancing their daily activities with strategic objectives. Everyone is looking for the next level to meet BOM or Management’s strategic expectations, but fail to reach this level due to the day-to-day (read operational and tactical) requirements. You can hire a very expensive consultancy company, but they are not helping you out as they will create ‘black boxes’, and do the work for your procurement department, and are not coaching your procurement professionals to learn the strategic activities themselves. The result is that you will be incurred with a high cost, and that results are not sustainable. Facing this and having in-deep experiences with the global procurement team of SABIC Innovative Plastics (fromerly known as GE Plastics), Arcadis Aqumen FM, and Panalpina Benelux, Boomerang Procurement & Sales Counseling have setup a practical and pragmatic procurement methodology.

Why is this approach unique and why are other programs not yielding best results?

  • Coaching the procurement people enabling them to make the strategic plans themselves is key
  • Coaching can be executed on-line and on global scale, avoiding a lot of costs, time and leaving a small ‘footprint’
  • A structured approach for creating commodity segmentation and commodity strategic plans
  • Progress reporting of the segmentation and strategic plans is contributing to success
  • Short implementation cycles, therefore lower costs compared to other consultancy companies

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