Master Gate to your future: Linkedin & Social Media (1)

Some key tips for taking advantage of social media networking, speacially a professional Linkedin use. This will help you in: innovate through product & services, get a new job, get a new customer/business, enter a new country, understand a business function, be able to discuss new global development, share best practices & learn from many other professionals.

In last two years, I´ve been benefiting myself on how powerful is a professional Linkedin use for all the global professionals in any function. Is simple, intuitive, and really very powerful. All the interested professionals have their CV posted there, with the concept of SHARING it to the rest of the community (more than 135MM today in a global basis). You start developin your own NETWORK by inviting (or being invited) by people you know..and then start building your contacts at 1st. level , the ones which you will have direct relation through linkedin (you can send them messages as direct emails). Some people accept any othe professional as direct contact if they get invited by others, but I don´t recommend this practice…my golden rule is ONLY invite/accept people you know personally (this is also the same recommendation than Linkedin web is always suggesting all the members to follow). This will protect you in order to control your 1st.level of connections and know exactly who are them and why do you have them as a connection.
Secondly, all of your first connections will also have connections, so then all of them they´ll be a 2nd. level connection for you… and in addition to that all their direct connections a third level connection for you… Then, why is this so helpful ? 
To better understand, see some real figures, today I´ve got 1.111 direct contacts in Linkedin (Remember my golden rule, so, I KNOW EACH OF THEM PERSONALLY), each of them have an average of 150 connections, to a total of +167.000 second level connections for me… So, at only 1 direct contact (I know him/her personally) of distance, I´ve an enormous amount of professionals available for sharing-getting in touch through a well known person. Finally, each of this 167.000 second level connections they also have some connections (an average of 40 in this case), providing an enormous amount of + 6,8 MM professionals available at two level of contacts of distance (so, contacts of a contact of one of my 1.111 direct contacts).

So, the opportunity is enormous, in spite, I´m only “covering” 5% of the total of +135MM professionals in Linkedin… hope to continue growing my network on a daily basis……

Best regards & work on your Net (Network)