Making or Taking Decisions

Strange or not, but for some reasons american & british english have a different verb that goes before this key management word: DECISIONS.

While for british is TAKE, for american is MAKE.

If you compare both, they´re similar in meaning ACTION, but for some irrational reasons I believe that the american one provides more accuracy in terms of working and building them properly, meaning more what´s really behind a decision: A true effort in analyzing current status & moving in a defined direction.

With this little curiosity intro, I just wanted to bring your attention to the crucial importance of this key action, either for strategic or for daily execution purposes.

Leaders get paid to make/take decisions, and majority of them are evaluated by their bosses based on the results of their decisions. Those results will tell if they were right or not, but what is absolutely true is that without taking decisions a manager is not delivering the value he/she is supposed to bring to the company that´s paying him/her.

Taking/Making decisions is never easy, and sometimes bad executives tend to pass hours, days, weeks and even months without deciding anything … unfortunately is a common way of keeping own position for a while (not that much) without changing anything & keeping things “as always”. Those executives that are seated in their comfort zone & don´t want to risk anything, they don´t take/make any decision … so they literally stop their businesses, with a kind of bureaucracy that stays in the company air for as much as they keep their positions.

A decision taken is half the way through. If it is the right one, you hit the point and you´ll be where you wanted to… and if it is not good enough, you will learn from the experience of taking/making it and the next one you take, will be easier & better …

A decision is a learning by itself, and every time you take one, you become better.

Enjoy making or taking decisions! Key step in your professional development.