Knowing yourself & opening to others

Shared in paralel via Linkedin Posts on April, 19th 2015)

In today’s “hyper-connected” world is very easy to read updated global news, find free knowledge, get back in touch with old contacts & start+manage business virtually. It’s clear that via Google & Social Media (Facebook, Linkedin & Twitter specially) each of us can find information in a fast and non-intrusive way (assuming all info available has permission from each of us, which is unfortunately not always true).

Having said this, it seems to me that some of us know more about our environment than about ourselves … meaning that we’ve not been able to discover who we are & what we’re doing here.

Self-confidence is many times the lever for professionals to start sharing their personnel knowledge & starting to become “open” to the world’s global eyes. Without this ability your career & life is sometimes keep in a “closed box” without being shared & without the possibilities of being give valuable feedback from others, outside your own world.

That’s maybe one of the reasons that thousands of people devote time to volunteer in different associations, entities or projects so they can make themselves “open” to others, and take final advantage of increase their personal knowledge and, with this, their personal self-confidence.

When I found myself interviewed recently by CSCMP team at “Meet a member” I’ve proved myself the power that 10 excellent questions have in sharing someone’s key insights, so we can re-inforce the virtuous circle of knowing ourselves – openly sharing – re-feeding all of us.