Failing to prepare…


My insights for this new year, comparing companies that prepared 2015 accordingly versus ones that are still “analyzing” 2014. (Published in Linkedin Pulse also)

Year 2015 started three weeks ago and some companies are still looking at their “business mirrors” trying to analyze what went wrong in 2014 and why they’ve current situation. January is always the critical month for majority of businesses, no matter which market they’re in. Let me share my reasons for making this statement:

Closing previous year is always a stress for CFO’s, CEO’s and all managers, wanting to see how official P&L will look like, how many taxes will company have to pay & which amount of Bonus will be paid to executives.
Budgets are many times not “fully closed” and ready to implement when new year begins.
New goals & priorities for Areas & Managers are not closed also (because many are still “discussing” with their bosses and/or HR if achieved or not, and trying to find “justifications” for getting a YES).
Which companies then do have a clear ROADMAP of what is needed to success in 2015 ? … Ones that started the “homework” in 2014 & have already prepared Budget 2015 & Goals/Priorities for this year. They’re about to close all of them this coming week at max… and their professionals will have 48 weeks at least to deliver results.

Other competitors will continue looking at the mirror, trying to understand what happened last year, how they can change in 2015 & establishing better goals & priorities… Usually they’ll spend till End Q1 (March) to close everything … so they’ll then have LOST 1/4 of 2015 … and then will have only 36 weeks to deliver results.

Imagine the “power” of +12 weeks that prepared companies have versus the non-prepared ? That’s the power of preparation … That’s why I’m sure that “Failing to prepare is … preparing to fail”.

Enjoy your 2015