Being there: Share & Receive


Sometimes you cannot physically be where you want, but you’re sure that your ideas will be present: How to plant & harvest on a continuous basis

For medical reasons, luckily nothing serious, these days I’m staying at home while I was supposed to be at Chicago attending CSCMP Roundtable Executive Meeting.

Nothing is worse for a professional & volunteer than not being able to “be there”, sharing thoughts, ideas & knowledge and learning from top professionals in the Supply Chain function.

But, let me explain why do I think that my ideas are at least there, based on the “Circle of continuous improvement”.

When you communicate/share/give your own ideas on a regular basis with your connections & network you’re sharing your knowledge with others and they can also capture them, improve and share with more professionals. This is how the improvement circle works globally to make a global impact and improve the function daily.

So, not being there today physically at Chicago doesn’t mean than I’m not there … else I’m pretty confident that some of my thoughts / ideas / experiences / learnings on Roundtable activities & Supply Chain function will be present during the two-day discussion meetings. So, happy to always SHARE with the community, main step to continue receiving more knowledge in return. Eager to receive feedback & outputs from the people there after these two days… Keep connected with your network, is the KEY for your own development and for global continuous improvement.